I managed to get myself to the cinema to see the much anticipated Batman Vs Superman movie! This has been getting hyped up for the last 18 months and I for one have been more than eager to see if it lived up to the internet excitement. I have ignored all the critics reviews as 9 out of 10 times they seem to know nothing about comic based films, I mean they ripped deadpool apart, and for me that was a perfect representation of the character. As some of you will know I always sway more towards Marvel than DC comics and the same goes for movies, but I entered the cinema with an open mind and ready to see the film for what it was!

I will try to review this film the best I can without too many spoilers, but as you know, it’s pretty damn to talk about a film without mentioning specific things.

The film starts out with a small part about the origin of Batman (like anyone even needed that, 5 minutes wasted already) but from there on in they assume you know everything about Batman and Superman, which was good, as I don’t think there is anyone out there who doesnt know where Superman came from. They start the superman story from where Louis Lane already knows that Clark Kent is Superman (spoiler :O), they share an awkward bath scene, where I feel like Louis’s side boob and near nipple appearance completely dragged attention away from what they were saying, but good on them for spicing things up a bit, because you know, that scene could have taken place no where else than the bath tub!

Once that is out of the way, they actual story starts! To sum it up, Batman is a vigilante who actually f*cks people up, I mean propperly, he brands a dude with the Batman logo! Superman has been on Earth for 18 months in this story arc and people are still unsure about him, he saves lives, but in the process he also ruins lives, so it’s a whole ‘is he a god or a menace’ scenario (we’ve seen it all in the original spiderman movies, the local newspaper writes stories and people believe them). Batman decides that he needs to be dealt with and goes about it the only way he knows how, violence!

on a little side note here, I felt as if they just sat down and talked, this whole movie would have been 20 minutes long rather than 151 minutes long!

Enter Lex Luther, played by one of my favourite actors Jesse Eisenberg, Jessie did not pull through for me this time though, as I feel he played more of a cross between the Joker and the Riddler with all his psycho babble. I always thought of Lex Luther as an intelligent wealthy business man with a slight god complex whereas he was portrayed in this movie as a raving mad lunatic with some major torret ticks!


Now I feel as though I have only said bad things so far, this is because when I left the cinema all I could think about was the bits that annoyed me. After a good nights sleep I started to remember all the great parts of the film! The outfits were simply amazing, both Batsuits are the best there have been, EVER! Supermans suit looked incredible and Henry Cavill really filled that lycra out almost to the extent that he could probably take Batman with no superpowers!

The fight scenes were spectacular (apart from the one in Batmans dream where he was collecting the rock, that was god awful, but I imagine that was the point of making the bad guys with guns decide to fight Batman with fists rather than use the guns in their hands, wouldn’t you if it was your dream?) wow, i’m sorry, I’ve gone back to negative thoughts, it’s too easy i’m afraid!


Lets get on to the Meta humans! Wonderwoman stole the show for me, she was cast perfectly (Gal Gadot), she looked the part, played the part and she most definitly fought the part! Luckily her legs are fire proof as well as her shield though hey? We also got introduced to the others, they showed evidence of Aquaman who looked totally badass, The Flash who looked like an out of work bum, Cyborg who was just a torso (until what I guess is the Mother Box makes him complete) . So everything is ready to go for Justice League, but considering the new Wonder Woman movie is meant the be set in WW1, then I think the introductions will have to wait until the first JL movie!

I did feel as though the story line in the movie jumped around quite a lot and was at times a little hard to follow for anyone who has never read a comic, they would have also missed out on a lot of the clues thrown in about the next villian and even the Darkseid references in the dream with the Parademons flying around. I actually heard a girl behind my in the cinema say to her boyfriend “What the f*ck are those flying things”, then at the end of the film she said again “those flying things never came back”. That is how clear things were made in the film!

Now to sum things up this was a fantastic cinematic experience with sound, visuals and casting spot on. I do how ever believe that if you havent read much DC comics then you may struggle with some of the references. Also, lets not forget, Superman would be dead if Batmans mother did not share the same name as his own mothers! Keep that in mind people!

You may notice I didn’t mention Doomsday in this review, that is for good reason, his 10 minute appearance did not win me over enough to make a solid judgment about him! He was exactly as he should be though, big angry and incapable of actually hurting anyone! Although he can destroy a city in seconds! Go figure!

This has been my own opinions of the movie and if I interpreted anything incorrectly please shout at me through your monitors/phones!

But please go and see this movie for yourself, I will be watching it again when I get the chance! I would give this a strong 7.5 out of 10!

Batman Vs Superman

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