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This is the 2nd BFCC Showmasters have hosted in the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth, which is located on the South coast of Dorset! The Convention itself is held at the B.I.C and is about a 2 minute walk from one of the most popular beaches in England! This is a convention that is only going to get better!

I attended BFCC for just the one day this time and I didnt apply for press so I could write this review from the general attendees point of view.

We came along to the first one here last year, and Bournemouth was just not ready for what a comic convention would bring to the town, none of the local bars would allow anyone inside in cosplay as we got turned away by 3 bars near the convention hall (we only wanted to get some lunch)! This year though Bournemouth has pulled through and was now sporting bill boards outside of the bars welcoming cosplayers inside, this made us very happy!

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Inside the convention was 10 times better, the convention has now been spread out over 4 halls (as you can see, they have left plenty of room to walk between the tables which was a joy), with plenty of merchandise stalls, gaming areas (both tabletop and retro) and also guests to meet and get your prize possessions signed. Once you worked out where to go (the signs could have been a lot clearer to be honest) you were away and happily taking in all the sights!


One thing that did suprise us was the cost of entry, we only managed to get down for the Sunday and that was £15 each on the door, for your money you didnt even get a ticket/wrist band, you just had your hand stamped on the way out for when you wanted to get back in. I felt for £15 you should at least get a little something for your money to take away with you, maybe even an event brochure which shows you who is there and where to find everything?

I should also explain that the £15 was the early entry ticket from 9am, and the standard tickets were £8 after 11am. I feel that almost double the price was really not worth the 2 hours early entry and if we had realised that this was the case we would have waited until 11am to go and buy our tickets.






The noticable difference this time round was the cosplay section, they had a whole room devoted to it upstairs which included a stage and seating area, there were cosplay talks and demonstrations spread throughout the day, this room seemed to be constantly filled with people and had a good vibe about it. I met up with Kaldorei Cosplay who was one of the guesting cosplayers and masquarade judges, here is what she has to say about the whole weekend.

“This weekend i had the pleasure to be invited as a guest and judge at Bournemouth Film and Comic Con and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The venue itself was huge and organized very well, the cosplayers had their own hall where they could sign up for the masquerade and the panels that went on throughout the day.  the stage itself was huge, well lit and was a great setting to show off all the impressive costumes i saw throughout the weekend!


The staff took very good care of me and the other guests  KigredoriCosplay and KouYumi Cosplay providing us with water, enough space to show off our work and best of all they positioned us right under the air conditioning so we didn’t over heat in our costumes. I really appreciated this as i make very big, heavy costumes and i always over heat at cons.


Overall it was a fantastic convention which really defined our exceptions, it was a great opportunity to meet new people and i found new friendship in the talented KigredoriCosplay and KouYumi Cosplay who are the most beautiful, friendly cosplayers I have ever met. I wasn’t sure what to expect after last years convention as that event was very small and the organisation was lacking with some events throughout the day, but this year they really knocked up a notch! I will definitely be coming back next time!”

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Photos credit to Kaldorei Cosplay , KigredoriCosplay and KouYumi Cosplay


I can happily say this convention is looking to grow in to one of the major contenders, with the convention hall in the centre of town surrounded by hotels and a gorgeous beach & peer, there are endless possibilities for cosplay photo opportunitues. You can treat this as a great relaxing weekend away, not just a convention weekend!

Bournemouth Film and Comic Convention

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