Welcome to the official release of Brawlout! As mentioned before in the build up to this release (you can find that here) Brawlout is a multiplayer platform fighting game for 1-4 players!

Currently you have 5 characters to choose from, all with small customisations you can make to enable easy recognition when it all kicks off in battle. The guys over at Brawlout have promised a lot more unlockable content so you can really make your favourite character your own, they have also left 4 blank spaces for new characters to be released.

The game design itself is very much like the all time favourite, Super Smash Brothers on the nintendo, Brawlout is offering many different ways to play the game though. They have a story mode, couch mode (4 players in the same room) online play, ranked play, tournaments, single player vs cpu, survival, challanges and practice. With all these options, this gives many many hours of gameplay!

The gameplay itself is fast, adrenaline fueled mayhem all packed in to a beautiful package of bright colours and loveable characters! You have a great mix of range attack and close attack options so you can pick the character that  most suits your play style.

With 5 different maps in game at the moment, you get to choose which one you battle it out on, while most the maps have the ability to drop a character off the edge and die, a couple of them differ by having a push out rule, where there is no “drop to your death” but instead you have to hit your opponent that hard, that he/she goes far enough out of bounds that you win!

Brawlout is released on April 20th 2017, so make sure you get in there early and learn everything there is so you can crawl your way up those rankings and play to be the best!

Check it out on steam here


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