Comichaus Issue 4.. back!! After a few months break from the release of Issue 3, the Comichaus guys return in full force! Expect continuation from issue 3 stories, new stories started and a grande finale of Suited & Booted. This collection of stories just keeps getting better and better with some great character building in the ongoing stories and some really impressive art! Once again you can check this book out in the permanent link (I like it that much, I gave them a link on every page) or by clicking the picture below to go check it out!

Comichaus Issue 3.. now released! This monthly addition to my ever growing collection stands out a clear head and shoulders from most things out there at the moment! If you read below from the first 2 issue reviews you can find out exactly what this books is all about, so i’m not going to drone on about each release, all I will do how ever is remind you to grab your copy each month, back orders are available! There with be Mr Jon Laight representing the Comichaus team at Birmingham MCM this weekend (19th and 20th of November) so go and meet him there and pick up your copy in person!

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Comichaus Issue 2.. upon us! The guys have returned in the monthly edition of awesomeness! This time round I received a physical copy of the book and I was more than grateful to receive it.

The print quality of this book makes it a pleasure to hold in your hands, the finest of paper has been used to make this feel weighty and superior to the everyday comic! Saying that, this is not your everyday comic, so why shouldn’t it feel better.

This collection of books is something I am already looking forward to continue to read, it holds such a variety of stories and as soon as you read the first page in the next chapter you are already whisked back to the previous editions escipades and it feels like you only just read it yesterday! I am not going to go in to detail on the stories advancements as that would just spoil your experience when you read it yourself, but what I will do is highly recommend you get your hands on the printed version of this, as I have always said, printed is always much better to read than digital! You can read the review of issue #1 below if you missed it and wanted to get a feel for the stories included comichaus!

In the mean time click to picture below to be taken away to buy a copy for yourself!



Comichaus is the newest addition from the guys over at Comichaus, this comic holds 6 short stories which all continue on a monthly basis! The comic itself is a generous 44 pages of artistic delights from various different writers and artists. Now I personally enjoy these style of comics as it brings a good variation of styles all under one roof, and there are certainly different styles contained in these pages!


We’ll start with “Karyn Shade” which is the first story in issue #1. Written by James Mcculloch & artwork (and lettering) is done by Jessica L. Byrne and is digital art at its finest, the colouring is a black and white feel but with a hint of colour to make it all the more wonderful to look at! There is some adult (13+) strong language in this book, so maybe have a flick through before handing it straight to your kids. The starting chapter here sets the scene nicely for what looks to be a bit of a murder/missing person story that Karyn Shade happens to unwittingly become a part of, it looks as though she may have to outwit some kind of cult! The suspense for issue #2 is real with this one!

COMICHAUS MONTHLY - ISSUE 1 for review-3 copy

Next we have the completely different in, art style and story telling, “Feather”. Dave Cook has gone down the route of a virus outbreak with a twist here! Is is going to be religion orientated or maybe a chemical outbreak, who knows? There is only enough of this episode to introduce the leading characters, a cop named Swain and his wife and kid! The artwork is by Norrie Millar and in black pen work with no colour and gets straight to the point, this is not as pleasing on the eye as “Karyn Shade” but none the less it suits the style of story and still giving you every detail you need to see!

COMICHAUS MONTHLY - ISSUE 1 for review-11 copy

“Suited & Booted” written by Jon Laight leads us back to another digitaly drawn comic by Dan Butcher, but this time we are in the future and on Mars! Earth has pretty much been abondoned and Mars has been colonised! Technology is controlling and running every aspect of life, well until the ‘Breakers’ arrive! This great intro to the story introduces “Moses of the throat” a child who survived the Breakers hostile take over and murder of his family, and now he is out for revenge!

COMICHAUS MONTHLY - ISSUE 1 for review-18 copy

“Troubleshooters” written by Aaron Walther and art by Ed Bickford, is yet another change in style, here we have a mix between the wild west and lizard men, yeah, you heard me, lizard men! Two travellers riding across desert waste land are looking for signs of life, they stumble upon a small town and are immediatly confronted by bandits attempting to toll the road! This does not end well for said bandits, as our friends are riding DRAGONS!!!! This looks to be a mash up of many genres, and to be honest, I like it! The art work is basic but eye catching, lettering works very well and the story is unique and by all means intreguing!

COMICHAUS MONTHLY - ISSUE 1 for review-27 copy

“Mortality” is a one man show by Luke Cooper, once again drawn in black and white, but this style really works for this intro, the story so far is short and sweet, father and daughter are involved in a car crash, both are dead but not as we know it! This story involves what looks to be an afterlife of sorts and the father or daughter have been seperated, but the afterlife is clearly a place that neither of them want to be in! Let the search and rescue commence?

COMICHAUS MONTHLY - ISSUE 1 for review-35 copy

“Mum & Dad” written by Tom Ward, art by Iain Laurie and lettering by Colin Bell finishes issue #1 off with a very twisted bang! This is not what I expected by the title, I will leave this one for you to discover on your own, expect a couple shock, a bit of gore and an ending which could lead absolutely anywhere!

COMICHAUS MONTHLY - ISSUE 1 for review-37 copy


So if any of these short stories look like something you’d be interested in, and lets face it, there is a genre here for everyone! You can head over to Comichaus and get your mitts on this very shortly!



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