The day we have all been waiting for, 10th of January 2016, the release of the muchly anticipated Deadpool movie! After the abombination of the deadpool character they chucked together in the Wolverine Origin movie they could really only get better. But not only did they just get better, they fricking nailed it! This movie is for the fans!

From the opening credits in the cinema, the audience were laughing, you have to read the titles they use for actors, directors & producers, it really is a piss taking movie from word go, but that’s what deadpool is all about, he’s the Merc with a mouth for gods sake, and my god does he use his mouth throughout this film, wait, that wasn’t meant to come out like that…. or was it??

The whole film was casted to perfection, even the slight little issues with the CGI on Colossus were soon forgotten due to the nature of the film (we’ll get to the x-men a bit later), you could easily forgive when his “metal” arms looked like a bomber jacket! But seriously, that was the only fault I could find with this movie, and that was really nit picking!

As an origins movie, this does exactly what it is set out to do, it introduces the begining of Wade Wilson – Deadpool as the man he was, before he became who we all know and love now, and they’ve done it perfectly! Wade Wilson is ex-special forces who has now devoted himself to being a merc, a gun for hire, someone who you can pay to do the kind of jobs you can’t do or don’t want to do! Wade drinks in a dirty back alley Mercs bar, where everyone in there is someone you do not want to cross, this is where he finds Vanessa, the new love of his life! Things suddenly turn into a romance movie for a whole of 5 minutes, when I say romance, I mean they screw a lot! The the L word gets thrown around and things are looking up for Wade! All until he gets diagnosed with untreatable cancer! Wade eventually turns to some people who offer to “cure” him and make him a superhero (what they actually mean is super slave) and thats when it all kicks off!


Deadpool the movie even brought in a couple of X-men in to “help” him out! Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the reason that only these 2 X-men are in the film is explained during the movie, so keep an eye out for that! Colossus does his normal good guy thing throughout the film and tries his best to persuade Deadpool to be a good guy, but we all know how that works out for him, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (cool name, hey??) is a much less well known mutant, but that made it much easier to slot her in to the film and play the part off Collosus’s apprentice even better, she really does live up to her name! (Maybe they will squeeze the Hellfire club in at some point?)

So if you have been waiting for the past 2 years for this film like many of us have, or you just heard about Deadpool and want to give it a shot, then get that ass in to a cinema seat as soon as you can, you will not regret your descision, just please please please remember this film is not for children, there is copious ammounts of swearing and nudity, plus a bucket loads of blood and gruesome acts!

So go and check it out for yourselves, and rest assured I give this a solid 9.5/10


Deadpool Movie

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