I have recently discovered this little jem of a game! After about 30 minutes of reading through the rules and testing, I was ready to play a game, the mechanics of the game is quite genius and extremely well thought out. You’ll find a very quick play through video which will hopefully help anyone who’s stuck on the actual gameplay at the bottom of this review.

The idea behind the game is to take a team of adventurers in to a dungeon to loot for treasure and fight mosnters (and occasionaly dragons). In your team you have the options of 5 different hero’s and a scroll, the scroll can be used to re-roll any ammount of active dice you wish, except dragon dice! With the dungeon dice you have the options of 3 different monsters, a treasure, a potion and a dragon. The monsters you can fight one on one with any hero, how ever if you use a hero who is strong against that certain monster, then that hero can destroy and number of that monster type in one go! So use your heros wisely in battle! The potion dice can be drank by any hero, and also the scroll, this enables the hero player to bring a hero back from the graveyard (where the heros go once they have been used to defeat a monster previously) and come back to the active dice section to fight again. When a hero is revived you may place them in your party of heros on any side of the dice you wish!

This game has so far given us hours of entertainment as well as exploring the many tactics of dice games! It’s up to you to take the risk of being brave and going in to the next level of the dungeon, or getting out while you have the XP available to take with you!

If you want to see how the game is played in a little more detail then please watch the video below, I think I covered most bases of the game that you would need to play!

Dungeon Roll

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