Prepare yourselves to be blasted back to the 80’s with this superb 6 axis space flight & shoot game! Not only is this game pleasing to the eye, but it has a huge retro feel to it which will please your inner 80’s child!

Dystoria is a level based game in which when you enter it looks to be a simple level design, but when you’re flying round in first person view the level becomes a whole lot more complicated as everytime you fly over the edge the whole world spins round and you keep on going around the level but from a different axis, sounds confusing? Well it is………….. but in a good way!

Dystoria is from the great minds of Craig Grierson and Daryl Wilson from Tri-Coastal Games! So, this great indie game was created from start to finish by a 2 man team, which makes it all the more impressive! Using Unity3dD as the main engine for game development makes this game smooth with excellent mechanics!

The aim of the game is to collect all orbs, nucleons, bombs and salvage parts and then fly to the portal to complete that level. This all sounds nice and simple, but when you have some nasty space crab type robots, canon towers and other flying ships shooting at you, it becomes a little more challenging. As you progress through the levels you can upgrade your ships and weapons which gives you something to thrive for as well as setting some high scores!

There is talk that if Dystoria goes down well on Steam, there will be a Dystoria 2 with multiplayer capablities, which will bring a whole new level of gameplay to this already highly playable game!

Check out the Steam store to get your copy of Dystoria now!



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