This is the first of it’s kind to me! Frome in Somerset got together as a town and put on a comic convention! This day was completely free and fun for all ages!

I had been following this idea for a while now and I have watched it grow and more and more shops getting on board to turn their premises in to a comic/film theme for the day! What a great community minded idea this was, I have never seen Frome so busy in my life. One of my first concerns was how were the “normal” people going to react to seeing cosplayers walking around their everyday shopping grounds, well this was answered within the first 5 minutes of us arriving……… they loved it! People were running up to cosplayers and asking for photos and chatting to them about what they were doing and what it was all about, I did not hear one negative comment from the whole day, so that is marked up for a win!

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The town had many things to offer from a star wars themed cafe (Cordero Lounge) which had Chewbacka, storm troopers, bounty hunters and droids interacting with the public and posing for photos, The Black Swan was host to artists and smallpress who were there showing off their work, Archangel hotel who were the home to the UK Gotham cosplayers and the batbike, Harry Potter themed shops where you could get sorted in to your houses by the sorting hat & even some wand making! Check out their page to see what else was on HERE

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The only problem people had on the day was finding the venues, because the whole event was spread out across the town it made it difficult for people who do not know the area to find what they were looking for, there was a map provided in the booklet, but the map was very unclear and not at all prescise to where the actual premises were! Also the shops could have really done with some signs outside so people could spot them from a distance and head there, maybe an idea for next year? We found ourselves walking to places on the map and not being able to find the actual shop/pub that we wanted so I think we missed out on quite a lot they had to offer!

One other thing I did notice is that the town was crawling with people out for the day, yet a good load of shops were not open, I feel as though they may have missed a trick on a day like this as there was a kids toy shop and a fancy dress shop closed, both of their display windows were full of things that would have sold so easily today!

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I do sincerely hope that Frome put on this event again in the future and maybe look in to sign posts next time, as I would recommend this day to anyone for a good fun day out with the family, there was definitely something for everyone there!

I have uploaded the rest of the photo I took over at my facebook page.

Frome Comic Con

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