The day is Thursday the 31st of March 2016, the time is 5am, and I am venturing off to Birmingham to see what delights the gadget show holds for me! With my cameras charged, my senses on overdrive (thank you coffee) and the pleasure of watching the day start on my 3 hour trip up the M5 I realise just how good life is and how fortunate I am to be invited along to the Gadget Show!

I arrive and park at the NEC with no problems, head straight in to the building and everything is sign posted very clearly, so I head to get my press pass and then join the other blurry eyed people waiting for the doors to open. As the doors open you are hit with that fantastic array of lights, sound and the smell of new toys! I had the whole day to walk around and check things out, but as there is too many to mention here, I will pick a few of my favourites to tell you about!


First up I had a great chat with the lovely sales exec, Lesley-Anne, from Activeon – Action Cameras. Lesley_Anne filled me on what they had to offer and Iwas more than impressed! Being a devote Go-Pro user for the last 5 years I thought that I had seen all there is to be seen, but Activeon had jumped in to the market and brough out some really nice ranges of small action cameras. The main thing that really caught my attention was the Solar X model. This shoots in 4K Ultra HD 2160P (at 15fps), it can take stills using its 16mp CMOS sensor, has a built in 2″ display, image stabalizer and the most impressive part, it comes with a Solar charging station! That’s right, you heard me, these beautiful looking little device sits over the camera and charges it up by the suns power, and it only take 1hour for a full charge (or as advertised its 30min for 80%). These cameras are all scratch proof when you want to just chuck one in your pocket for a day out but they also come with a full waterproof casing for when you need it! Check out their website for more info at

Executive Office Racing Gaming chair black white red Y-2860

Here we have the fantastic chairs from Earth Croc. These gaming/office chairs were unbelievably comfortable and come in so many different designs and colours, you can surely find one just perfect for you! My favourite part of these chairs were the fact they reclined fully flat, i’m sure i’m not alone in the feeling when you’re sat infront the computer and your head starts to bob about just before you fall asleep and headbutt your keyboard! Well, problem solved, just pull the lever and you’re laying down! If you can find someone who doesnt think thats a great idea then I don’t know what life is anymore! If you want to see it in action, watch my video from the show and you’ll see the lovely lady demonstrating the chair (the video is on the top of this page)


With the world going VR mad at the moment, the guys at Wizdishrovr have released this very reasonably priced cvontroller for VR games! You stand on it and basically shuffle your feet to move. At the moment you need to wear the specific shoes for the device, but they are in development of attatchable devices for your shows so you can just hop on and get started without doing the whole ‘bowling alley’ thing and swapping shoes! This gadget is still pretty damn good for the price of £399 and works with games for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung VR. I watched a lad play Pacman VR on this devide and it looked great fun as he was actually having to run away from the ghosts through the maze! I’m sure as the games develop there will be a great need for platforms such as this! So go and check them out at

3A5A7966 copy

I stumbled upon these guys at RoboSoft who are developing a soft material which can react and change when an electric current pases through it! I chatted to Jonothan Rossiter from Robosoft and we talked about the endless possibilities this product has in gadget design as well as gaming! I will not try to explain this product myself, as you know, it’s science, and I am no where near qualified to talk science. But please go and check their work out and chat to them, it’s the future, I’ve seen it! Visit to have your mind blown!

3A5A7983 copy

Above, we have some Gadgetshow attendees playing on the new game, “Windlands”! this is a VR game available on steam for £14.99. Check out the video of the game play here on the steam page –

I do love me a good indie game, and this one looks amazing! You have the option to play without the VR as well, but it’s so much more fun with one! Also check out the guys who set up the HTC Vive here, they are good guys at Virtual Umbrella!

htc vive

To finish off my day at the gadget show, you can watch me swing my arms around like a loon as I tested out the HTC Vive! These come out for release next week and I have already pre-ordered one, so there will be a more indepth review from me in the coming weeks, hopefully where the dude from Nvidia isn’t stood infront of the screen and you can see what is going on! (I’ll even try to get a hot girl to narrate it as well) But please feel free to laugh at me helplesly flailing my arms, treading on cables  and generally looking lost!


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