I was sent Good Robot to play test before the release date of the 5th Arpil 2016 and I have to admit, I am finding it very hard to stop playing this game even to write this review!

Check the devs out at http://pyrodactyl.com/ and read all about the guys and what they do there!

Follow them on twitter at https://twitter.com/pyrodactylgames or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pyrodactylgames

Good Robot is a fast paced space shooter of which you are in control of the ‘Good’ robot, and you must assume every other robot in the game is ‘bad’, that is the gist of things.


The game is more than pleasing on the eye, the Good Robot is very customizable (you can even gather some cool little hats for him). You can see when he picks up new weapons as the actual weapon changes in his hands, which is a nice touch as other games in this genre just put a icon in the corner and that means taking your eyes off the action to see what you are carrying. If you remove your eyes from your robot for just a few seconds you will most likely be shot, so everything you need to see is pretty much on the robot itself! The controls are the basic AWSD keys along with the mouse which is used to point your torch light in a direction, left mouse button fires the small weapon, right mouse button fires the bigger weapon (usually a missile of some kind), you can pick up different weapons along the way as you blast the bad robots into oblivion.

The levels are set out in quite large maps, you simply have to fly around the map intul you find doors you can fly through to reach different levels! As you progress through the game you can earn points to upgrade your ship and increase your stats or even by a radar so you can see whats around you. So the more you play the better your ship will become as you ugrade your speed, armour, fire rate, fire damage & targeting.


For any of you old school Atari gamers, you will recognise this game style instantly as you have to employ the same skills as Asteroid! Gun fire will come at you from all directions at times, so you have to keep your eyes peeled in every direction or you will die very quickly!

The shadowing of the game really makes this game stand out, it’s a nice little touch that makes it easy for enemies to hide from you in the shadows and spring out with some surprise attacks.


So if you’re looking for a fast, addictive and gorgeous looking game with music that doesn’t drive you made after an hours game play, then this is most definitely the one for you. It is only single player at the moment and I don’t know if they plan on adding multiplayer as that would add a while new dimension to the game, but the addiction comes in the form of the high score board! You will be competing globally to make it on the top of the score board, and that’s the kind of challenge I like! So give it a go, it will be on steam shortly, but you can pre-order now by clicking the followong link! http://store.steampowered.com/app/358830/

The game will be released at $9.99 which is a great price fit what you get. Have a look at my first 2 attempts of gameplay here

Good Robot

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