Here we have a fantastic card game for 2-4 players, it’s quick and easy to learn, 20 minutes play time and the most fun you’ll have with hamsters legally!

Gyrating Hamsters is bought to you by a team composed of Alex & Rebekah Host and Andrew & Allison Gerbsch, all hailing from Tenessee U.S.A.

Check them out here

The game has been extremely well put together, technically speaking this is what all games should be like, you can play this game super casual and just wing it (and possibly win that way) or you can look in to it much deeper and find some really good tactical plays, but as with all card games you need the right cards to be dealt in the first place! It doesnt just stop there though, they threw in the battle aspect of it too, and that uses dice, so your great tactical play of battling a lone hamster with your clan of 3 hamsters could backfire so badly and you end up with none, those dice gods can be cruel beasts!

The artwork on each cards is just beautiful, each hamster has it’s own crazy identity and art to suit, just looking through the deck made me smile and also wonder how deep they had to dig in to the back of their brains to come up with such things!

I put together a little video below which shows you what you get in the box, how to set up, play and battle, so make sure you check that out! This is not a full play through vidoe, but it does show you what to expect in the box and a quick introduction on how to play!

Gyrating Hamsters comes out on kickstarter on the 9th of May 2017, so make sure you go back it as this is a game you need in your collection for an evening of fun round the table with a few friends.


Gyrating Hamsters

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