London Super Comic Con 2016 has had an early start this year, normally making it’s appearance in March, this year it jumped out at us in February! This is always the first convention of the year for us after our Christmas break. LSCC is always a great one to get you back in the swing of things as it is not as busy as the London MCM conventions, but what it lacks in size it makes up for  in content.

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LSCC is solely based on comics! This is a huge breath of fresh air as many other conventions now seem to base themselves around a mixture of Manga, gaming and comics. Here you will find a huge section of small press and artists just waiting to chat to you about their latest release or their upcoming projects, and it’s all straight from the horses mouths so-to-speak. There were lots of big names from the comic world this year including Humberto Ramos, Marv Wolfman and my personal favourite guy Ian Churchill! There was plenty of opportunuties to get your comics signed by any of the guests and if you forgot to bring your favourite comics, then don’t panic, there was a great selection of merch stalls there to buy the comics/books from!

The only things I found this year that was less favouriable from the previous years, is that the convention itself was noticably smaller, I am only assuming this was due to the many other events happening in the Excel centre the same weekend and LSCC got lumbered with the smaller room. On that note, that was another gripe I heard coming from a lot of people, there were too many other conventions happening at the same time, to gain access to the LSCC hall, everyone had to walk through the hall ways filled with people there for a baby product expo, a classic car expo & a franchise expo. By the time most of the cosplayers had fought there way to the actual room where we all meant to be, they had had some unpleasent meetings with the general public taking innapropriate photos and saying rude things to them! Comic convention attendees and cosplayers are all part of a loving community where we all know the general behaviour rules and how to act, however it seems as though the general public doesnt and this did ruin it for a few people. Maybe mixing petrol heads and geeks is not such a great idea for the future?? If you have any comments, then please feel free to leave them below, good or bad, it’s nice to hear everyones voices!

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So to wrap things up, LSCC was another success this year, apart the above mentioned, it was one hell of a weekend where we got to hang out with friendly faces and meet lots of new ones too! It is still my favourite convention of the year and I will be back next year raring to go! As many of you who know me, know that this is most probably my first and last weekend convention this year, I will try to make it along for the day to some others though! Watch this space!!

And dont forget to check out The awesome Comics Podcast! They were at LSCC and they possibly have the friendliest faces know to mankind!

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LSCC 2016

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