I found myself back at Birmingham MCM this year, and once again I loved every second of it! It was in a defferent hall this time round which threw us off a bit to begin with, but once we found our feet and a spot to set up to shoot, we were away!

The convention itself had it’s usual abundance of merchandise stalls, where you can buy everything from belt buckles to life size iron man busts! The body painting ladies were again set up in the middle of the hall which always attracts a crowd as the art work these ladies produce is simply outstanding! Check them out on their facebook page HERE



There was also the Nightmare Machines stand which as you can see below is props based on the Aliens franchise, and manned by a very scary looking (yet friendly) marine!


The cosplayers were once again at an amazing level this year, I swear they just keep getting better and better! You can check out my cosplay music video below!


I would also love to give a little shout out to LoveJoJo.com who sells everything Kawaii and never stops smiling! Go check out her website for anything and everything Kawaii! She is possibly the nicest person you’re likely to meet!



Also if you would like to see all the photos of cosplayer I took over the weekend, you can see them by clicking the picture below to go to the album on my facebook page


(Cosplayer above – Superdebz)

So……..until next time!



MCM Birmingham November 2016

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