This halloween was extra special this  year as it landed on MCM London! The convention again was held at the Excel Centre and once more the venue held its own again the thousands upon thousands of attendees over the 3 day weekend event!

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Spread across the space of 6 halls and both sides of the building, MCM dominated the Excel and its corridors with comic/movie/anime/manga fans as well as all the cosplayers who dressed as some of their favourite characters! This year there was a much more gaming presence as previous years, with Esports league heavily involved and running competitions for many games including Rocket League, Overwatch & Tekken just to name a few!

The usual convention stalls were all present and correct allowing you to buy almost anything you could think of in relation to the convention, and this year seemed to have a much larger area for the small press creators over at the comic village! I for one always enjoy popping to the comic village to visit the amazingly talented Destiny Blue who creates the most awe inspiring art on this little planet (if you havent seen here work, check it out here) as well as Sonesh Joshi Comics who is currently promoting his new comic Kuruz on kickstarter (once again, check it out here), but there are lots and lots of other amazing people set up there to check out!

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The cosplay game was strong this year, Friday seemed to be the casual day in cosplay where as Saturday saw the big hitters coming out with some really amazing creations from Tickle Me Elmo up to a full Overwatch squad! You can check out all the photos over at my page HERE!

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So all in all the whole weekend was a huge success with the small exception of those blasted barriers caging us all in the outside area like the wild animals that we are! The main problem I had was that I was carting around a trolley of equipment and everytime I wanted to shoot by the river side, it would take me a 10 minute walk around the barriers which would only had been a 10 second walk if not for those barriers! I think they need a few more gates in to allow pass/badge holders through them as they had security guards stood every 30 metres along by the gates twiddling their thumbs.

Next up is Birmingham MCM in a few weeks which I will be attending, so I hope to see a lot of you there and if you want to shoot with me, just drop my facebook page a message!

MCM London October 2016

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