Here we have the Microsoft Band 2, the second of my smart watch reviews!

What the Microsoft Band 2 does.


This band does pretty much everything you would want a smart watch to do! It sends notifications directly to your wrists from your phone, has a heart rate monitor, step counter, numerous amounts of apps (all based around fitness at the moment) as well as facebook, twitter, email, text and phone calls. All of these notifications are easy to navigate to through the touch screen on the watch. There are quite a few additional apps you can load on to your phone which then syncs to the watch, as long as you like the NBA as you are inundated with all the teams to follow and receive score updates and notifications, but I am sure with this they will be releasing more apps as the time goes on.

My favourite app so far is the note app, it allows you to write notes on your phone and you can glance at them quickly on your wrist, this is a great time saver when you need to remember something quickly without getting your phone out and opening note apps (I mean every second counts these days)


Miscrosoft Band 2 design.


The design of this band is good and bad all at the same time! The front of the watch looks very stylish and sleek, the screen blends in to the strap and the buttons are tucked safely out of the way to avoid any damage. However, flick your wrist over and you have a rather large bulky part of the strap which connects it all together, I can see why it is like this as the bulky part is also where you charge the watch from and contains the UV sensor, I have no suggestions how to make this more streamline without giving it a normal watch strap and moving the UV sensor to the front. The strap itself is very clever in itself though as it does give you room for adjustment, so you pick a rough size for your wrist when ordering and you can then slide the strap to fit your wrist, which is a part i am very happy about as I like a tight fitting watch. The side parts of the strap are made of a tough rubber, so it moulds and fits comfortably with your wrist.

Also, I have to talk about the battery life, this thing seems to go on and on! It has been going now for 2 days and will need charging tonight, so thats a good 2 and a half days on one charge, and it only takes one hour to charge from 0 to 100%. That is very impressive giving the size and thickness of this watch!

The thing I really do like about this watch is the ability to reply to texts straight from the band, the keyboard is tiny but it somehow works, 9 our of 10 times I have typed exactly what I wanted to send, but with the ability to edit the text before you send it, it makes it easy to do. You would not want to be walking along while you do this though as it is slightly fiddly. There are also pre-programmed replies you can send if you are in a meeting or busy.

20160324_170956 20160324_170920




So far this watch has felt extremely tough and it IS waterproof (to 1 metre for 30 minutes, e.g a shower or bath. I have not been brave enough to try it yet though!) I feel with technology the way it is now, everything should be waterproof to an extent, and microsoft have not failed to deliver there! The strap clicks together and holds perfectly, there is no slipping or accidentaly knocking it and the clip coming undone. There really are no faults here at all with this watch!

20160324_171042 20160324_171049


Microsoft Band 2 conclusion.


If you are looking for a watch that does it all, then you need not look any further! This has everything you could need as a fitness band and smart watch, it feels good, it looks good and most importantly is it good! For a great price at the moment of £150 (down from £200 for a limited time) this is money very well spent!

Microsoft Band 2

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