This wonderful small press comic has just fallen on to my door mat, Ness is created by the beautiful mind (nothing like the film) of Chris Welsh, accompanied by Rob Carey (Artist), Dee Cunniffe (colours) and old pal Robin Jones (letters). Between them they have created something unique and marvelous for your eyes to feast upon!

The story is set in Scotland at Loch Ness (the title does kind of give that away) and is exploring the idea that there is a small cult that uses it’s magical power of persuasions to keep the beasts at bay, how ever once the last memeber of this cult dies (this is on the first page, so not really a spoiler) there is nothing to hold the beasts back.


“A young girl named Ceit and her group of 3 friends travel to Scotland to scatter the ashes of her late mother, they soon realise there is a lot more than the old stories of the Loch Ness Monster than meets the eye!”

Ness is a four part story and part one got funded on Kickstarter in very fast time, this is possibly due to the great team that has come together to make this happen and pushed along by an old folklore story brought in to present times! There is a lot more to this story than what you think you already know about Loch Ness!

The paper copy itself is made from great quality paper and the print quality is exceptional, this always goes in favour for me, as there is nothing worse than picking up a book and it being printed on low quality paper that it actually hurts your sole to hold it, but Ness honetly makes you feel happy to hold a good quality weighty comic!

Check out Chris Welsh for Ness and many more projects he has created!


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