NPC Tea issue 1 is brought to you from the fantastic Sarah Millman, Sarahs most recent creation was a comic series called The Heart Of Time and that was pure genius! So when I heard Sarah had just released her latest creation, I couldn’t wait to get grubby little mitts on it!

NPC Tea is set in an unpopular tea shop in Cardiff, owned and run by an Elf and a disgruntled fire summon, and when a magicless human accidently discovers Y Ddraigs secret all hell is bound to break loose!

The illustration and colours in issue 1 are truly outstanding, the way Sarah uses colour schemes to set the scene and location is great and makes following the story very easy! The front cover reminds me ever so slightly of Saga in character design which is by no means a bad thing!

This book is part of an 8 issue series, each issue to be released every 3 months. So why not grab issue one and see what all the fuss is about by clicking the picture below.




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