OK,  so there is a rather large debate that has kicked off surrounding the whole photo shoot at conventions! Normally paying for a photo shoot resides in the studio set ups that go on inside the convention hall,  this is all approved and above board and normally costs around £10 for a photo print! The photo shoots that happen around the convention (inside the hall ways and outside the venue) are generally done by photographers who do not charge,  they are either hobbyist togs or they get as much enjoyment out of it as the cosplayers and do it for free to help advertise themselves and network!

I am not normally one to wade in and shout my opinions around (stop laughing now) buy I can start by saying I WILL NEVER CHARGE FOR SHOOTS AT CONVENTIONS! Cons for me are about having fun, seeing old friends and making new ones,  if money starts getting involved then that’s where friendships can break down and bad feelings start to arrive!

Now,  I am well aware that they charge for shoots at American cons,  they also shoot up schools and spell our words incorrectly, (it’s COLOUR people, not color), let’s not start taking on those great American traits either shall we!

On a seperate note, I do charge for shoots out side of cons,  I am a business after all,  something has to feed and house me! So if cosplayers want that extra attention to shots and studio/location backdrops then I can do that,  but at a cost for my time,  studio rent and expertise (seriously, stop laughing or I’ll ask you to leave).

I know this has been short and sweet but I hope this has helped to spread a little light on the subject!

Peace out mother Hubbards!

(Featured image are these cosplayers,  go check them out! Www.Facebook.com/mulhogprimecosplay and www.Facebook.com/nethicitecosplay and www.Facebook.com/FairyPorchQueenCosplay and www.Facebook.com/midknightdragonofficial )

Paid Convention Shoots

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