Saturday the 18th of February 2017 is the day we attended PC Gamer Weekender for the very first time! I have personally read the magazine for as long as I can remember, so it was a no brainer about going to the convention! The show is held in the The Olympia in London so it’s very easy to get to and a lovely venue to boot! The show itself is held on one floor and laid out so all the exhibitors are very easy to get to and chat with or play the games they have on offer! Food , drink and toilets are all on the same floor too, so you dont have to walk far to get to everything you need! This is a really well thought out and planned show!

Our plan was to walk around the show and see what caught our eye as this is exactly how we pick the games to play online, it’s all about the cover art for us, we are huge believers in love at first site, and this is exactly what happened for many games this weekend! So I’ll go through my top 5 games of the show below in no particular order, except the first game, this was a winner for me, on every level, we returned back to play this game more times than im proud to admit! So lets get this party started and have a look at what i’m talking about!


Sundown is that game I was talking about above, this game shined so brightly for us considering its a game in the dark, so that’s really saying something about this game! Sundown is up to a 4 for player game which is mainly played in the dark! Now this may sound a little strange, but there is the occasional street light dotted about the place depending on which level you pick to play on, but everytime you shoot your weapon, your area lights up revealing your location to your opponents. Then the game of cat and mouse begins!

There are multiple weapons to choose from, which all offer different advantages & disadvantages depending on your style of play and level! So there are much more tactics involved in Sundown than what you might think at first site! This game comes out later this year, so check them out on the links below and be the first to know release dates!


Hacktag is a 2 player co-op game where one of you is playing the part of secret agent on the field who is infiltrating the target building, and the 2nd player is their “eye in the sky” who sees everything as a digital world and aids the secret agent in accessing areas, spotting security guards and hacking computer terminals!

This game is another one we absolutely fell in love with in a completely different way than Sundown! This being a co-op game the gameplay is completely different and a lot less stressful, although at times you are panicing like a madman trying to get through the level without being caught and dragged to the jail room! This game will be available as a local co-op split screen or the more exciting way of playing as an online multiplayer so you get full screen of your player and communicate with your player 2 over voice chat to plan your routes! Please make sure you check out the guys making this game on the links below!

Little Nightmares

Little nightmares is one of the most beautiful games I have seen in a while, the character design is simple yet effective! The aim of the game is to lead you’re rather cute and endearing hooded tiny person through a maze of nightmare situations without getting caught, eaten or anything else disasterous you could think of! Using a controller to lead your character around these levels is very intuitive and seemless as you skip from level to level! This is one I have already personally put on my wishlist on steam, it comes out at the end of April 2017 on PC and consoles!

The Troll and I

This game definitely caught my eye as we walked around due to its big bold graphics, and the fact you’re a fricking huge troll! The style of this game is you switch between a Troll and Human to help each other through the mythical adventure at hand! The troll will need to do all the heavy lifting and moving parts of the scenery in to place to help the Human get to where he needs to be and kill all these pesky goblin creatures! check it out below!Ā

Dead Cells

Dead cells is a 2d platformer which keeps you fast in the action at all times! This is a high adrenalin game will have you coming back for more each time as there are no checkpoints! You have to learn from your mistakes and try again until you get it right! The game is full of secret rooms, hidden passages and gorgeous landscapes. Dead Cells has been greenlit on steam, so head on over and check them out!

So there we have it, my top 5 picks for PC Gamer Weekender 2017, there was so much more there on offer, check out some of the other videos from the event below! I will definitely be returning next year!

There was this lovely litle section of the event for tabletop gaming, games set up to play and buy! This was my idea of heaven right here!

PC Gamer 2017

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