I have been following Pests from a very early stage, and I have now just got my nerdy little hands upon a prototype copy!

The guys over at Pests HQ (Michael McFarland – designer and Todd Jakubisin – artwork) are releasing this gorgeous little game in to the world via Kickstarter on the 21st of February 2017.

The game is a 2-6 player light strategy tabletop game where the aim is to clear the house of Pests using your exterminator, his traps and a toolbox full of tricks, before any of your oppenents!

Mechanicaly this game is ticking all the right box’s, you never really know who is going to win until the last minute as everything can change with a well played toolbox card or an unfortunate roll of a dice, this makes sure that even people falling behind the obvious leader still has a hope in hell of pulling it all back at the last minute. The only rule i’m never too keen on in any game is the elimination rule which knocks a player out before the game has ended, but in this game you would have to be extremely unlucky to get eliminated in the early stages.

Pests has a great “lets play again” factor, due to the maps never being the same and enough different toolbox cards to always keep things interesing, I personally think a game with 3 or more players is the best way to play, however you can play with just 2 players and still get enjoyment and satisfaction from the game!

Lets have a look at what you get inside the box, just remember, this is only the prototype version, the fully funded version promises to have 2mm cardboard discs instead of the foam ones, “playing card” size toolbox cards, larger traps, the queen die will be printed rather than stickers and improved character bases that would fit in to the trap easier.

The rule book supplied is extremely easy to follow and you can get the game going after a quick 10 minute read of the rules! So I have done a basic “how to play” and “how to set up” video just so you can see what the game looks like whilst set up. So have a look and go and give the guys some support on Kickstarter on the 21st of February! I will be posting updates when it is released so keep an eye out on my social media and Pests pages too!

I’m giving Pests a strong 9/10 due to the playabilty being amazing, very easy to learn and the artwork is simply beautiful!



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