It’s arrived! The moment we’ve been waiting for for quite a while now, Raw Data! This game has been on my radar since we got hold of the HTC Vive. It’s a futuristic shooter where you are attacked by a multitude of robots all offering different threats, this means you have to be fully aware of your game surroundings a full 360 around you and even keep an eye on the skies for those pesky drones that fly in and take shots at you.

I have played approx 1 hour of this game so far and I the first thing that you notice is the gorgeous graphics and the zero latency of the vive controllers them selves! As you look down at what should be the controllers in game you are firstly surprised to see that they are not controllers any more, they are indeed hands, and hands that move exactly like your hands do. You can grip the controller and your hands in game will grip, it gives you the wonderful sensation that they are actually your hands!

The game play is as seemless as you could possibly hope for, no lag, no awkward pauses, nothing! It runs as smooth as uncle Festers head. At the presnt moment you have the choice between a pistol and a sword as weapons, I am hoping in the future there will be a larger selection of weapons maybe even some grenades……? But until that day this game is so much fun to play and it gives you a bit of a work out at the same time.

Head over to and check out the devs page and make sure you go to the steam page and download this beautifuly designed and constructed game for the HTC Vive, just click the picture below!

raw data logo

Raw Data

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