What the Razer Nabu does


We’ll start with the Razer Nabu. I have had the Nabu since it’s day of release and I have to say, I have not taken it off since receiving it (apart from to shower as this model is NOT waterproof). The Nabu offers you a very simply method of receiving notifications from your phone and displaying them in a scrolling text on the Nabu screen. There are a few apps available fot the Nabu, but none really noteworthy at the moment. Like most bands on the market this will track your number of steps you take in a day as well as your calories burnt, and distance walked.

When receiving a notification on the Nabu it will vibrate and wake the screen up, so this is very helpful if you are in a noisy area and your phone in your pocket just isnt loud enough to grab your attention. Also you can wake the screen up to see the time with just a flick of the wrist, this is a very nice touch as you don’t need your other hand to press a button, so you can check the time/incoming notifications quickly and one handed!

Nabu design


As you can see from the pictures the Nabu is a wonderful looking device, it clicks together around your wrist using a ball and socket type design, I especially like this as it’s not too fiddly to take on or off. The colouring is particularly nice and obviously designed by a gaming company! The neon green inside the band pokes out just enough to see while you are wearing it, but not too much to draw attention it. Like most Razer designed products it is extremely easy on the eye! Whilst only having one button you would think this band does not have many options to press, well you are quit right, there really isnt much to do on this watch once it is set-up with your phone. The button scrolls through from the time, to notifications, to step count, to distance walked, then on to calories burnt, then back to the time! That is it, nice and simple and to the point!

The sizing adjustments of the watch could be better, you have to pick which size wrist you are when ordering, and make sure you pick right as there is no adjustment! The only saving grace is that I ordered a medium as my wrist size was right on the barrier of the small & medium sizes, and luckily it also comes with the attachment to make it the small size! To do this you have to unplug the attaching part of the wrist strap and plug in a different size one to make it smaller or bigger, but apart from that there is no way of making it just a little tighter or looser, it’s all or nothing!


This band also keeps a record of your sleep pattern, which in theory is a great idea, as it does note when you go to sleep (through lack of movement I guess) and records how resltell you are throughout the night and exactly how much time you slept. The couple of downsides to this are that if you wear it whilst in bed you will still receive notifications throughout the night, so when one of your annoying friends sends you a message at 3am, the watch vibrates and wakes you up! The other downside is that it’s normally over night when I charge it as it takes about 1.5hours to charge to 100% and it needs charging everyday, so if you’re reading this Razer, put in a night time silent function when it registers you asleep and maybe a longer battery!




The Nabu is a sturdy piece of kit, it feels robust and weighty enough to warrant it’s cost, but not too heavy to be dragging your arm around! The perfect middle point for me, I like to feel that I am wearing something but not so much that it would be a constant reminder of something attached to my wrist, the plastic and rubber materials also feel nice to touch. One problem I did have with mine was the one and only button! I hit the watch on something while wearing it and the button very easily snapped and flew off, I think they should have designed it with maybe a rubber push button that is part of the band rather than a plastic one which sticks out of the band, the button still works but it is now a few millimetres shorter and I have to push my finger nail inside it a bit more to make it work!

Conclusion of Nabu


I would definitely recommend this band for anyone who wants notifications quickly sent to their wrist and maybe wants to keep track of their average steps each day, not if you want a gadget that you can play around with! The Razer Nabu currently retails at around the £90 mark, which I think is a little over priced for what you get. Next up I will be reviewing the Microsoft Band 2

Razer Nabu

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