As you may have seen a few weeks ago I posted about an upcoming puzzle game called Semispheres, well the wait is over, as of tomorrow (February the 14th 2017) this game is for sale to everyone who owns a PC or PS4. I have spent the last week casually playing this game to write down my thoughts on it, and to be completely honest, I LOVE it!!!!

As I usually opt for first person style games this was truely a breath of fresh air, it is relaxing yet challenging and it  puts you in the mind set of “this level will not beat me” and before you know it you’ve spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how two little Jellyfish looking sprites can help each other out to escape from those blasted patrol guys!

Now seeing this game is released on Valentines day, this could be a great ploy to get the other half who may not normally play games, to come sit very close to you and take half a controller with you, then control one semisphere each, how romantic…… yes?

But on a serious note, I would recommend this 100% to anyone who wants to chill out for a night with no stress and just enjoy the beautiful art work and hypnotising music that comes along with some great little brain teasing levels!

I have done a nice and short video so you can see what you’re letting yourself in for below!

Check it out on Steam HERE


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