Here we have the new release of Snake Pass, you can get hold of this game on PC, PS4 & Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

Snake Pass is developed by Sumo Digital using Unreal Engine, the aim of the game is to collect gems, coins & stones to unlock each level, all while being and thinking liking a snake. The initial control system is quite disorientating as you are used to pressing forward to move forward in most games, well in most games you are not a snake! So lets start by moving forward by “snaking” left, right, left, right (and so forth) to build up momentum and move along the ground, the same theory goes for climbing, take that jump button reflex thats been drummed into us from back in the 8-bit platform games, we all snakes don’t jump, they wrap themselves around objects and sprial their way to the top! Once you have got used to thinking like a snake, the controls become second nature and after about 5 minutes you’ll find yourselves slithering around the levels like a mad man (or snake) and collecting, climbing and discovering everything with ease!

Lets talk graphics, with a minimum requirements of an i5 processor, 4GB of ram and a GTX 560 2GB graphics card, you can run this on most PC’s with ease at high quality settings. Whilst it doesnt take a huge gaming rig to play, the graphics delivered are superb, nice colours, smooth movement and topped of with a highly addictive soundtrack there is really nothing to complain about here at all!

It is great to see develepers still thinking outside the box when it comes to game design and especially controls, it is very rare people mess with the usual controls of movement, so when it is changed it’s nice to see it done well (pat yourselves on your backs there Sumo Digital, you guys did good!)

I have put a video below to see the gameplay from Snake Pass, but the only way to really see for yourselves is to go out and get hold of this game changing gem for a very well priced £15.99, you will have hours of fun and satisfaction from this huge puzzle game!

Check it out on Steam store here

or visit their website here

Snake Pass

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