Star Crusade is a FREE dueling card game on Steam platform for PC. There are many other games out the in this genre and to be honest I enjoy these type of games more than most.

The story of Star Crusade is is to claim dominion over the other races. There are currently 6 races to choose from, each race coming with their own unique cards with their strengths and weaknesses against other races. Build up, customize and create your own decks to become the best there is in Star Crusade!


In game you have the choices to play CasuallyRanked or Raid mode (where you have a deck created for you specifically for that game mode). When you win you unlock new cards to add to your deck and you also have the option to melt down and craft new cards from the scraps. It is higly customizable with the option to personalize your decks, chose from different avatars & commanders.


I have played many hours on this game so far, mostly playing casually until I build up my deck enough to feel confident at going in to the ranked scene, but I can feel that’s not too far away now! This is also one of the few games I am happy to play with the supplied music (i usually turn game music off and put my own music on) as the music in Star Crusade is not reptitive and really gels well within the game play.

The game is incredibly easy to pick up and it even comes with a very well explained tutorial that will get you playing in no time at all, if they made the physical versin of Star Crusade I would definitely buy this to play with friends.

Head over to Steam and check it out for FREE

Star Crusade

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