Stratos is a wonderfuly constructed piece of art as much as it is a game, everything about this game just looks great, from the character design to the board pieces! The was sent to me by Board&Tale to play and review, and to be honest, I’ve not put it down since I got it! The base board game will play from 2-5 players, and with the expansion “light in the darkness” it will bump it up to a 6 player game as well as being a 2 player game on its own! So I would highly recommmend getting hold of both of these and having all options available!

What you get supplied in the box is beyond expectations, there were no holds barred when it came to quality! The resource tokens are all wooden so they have a great feel to them and easy to pick up from a table. The player pieces are made from a good thick card and come supplied with thick plastic stands to enable them to stay upright even after a good table wobble, the land tiles are nicely shaped so there is a rounded side to them so you can easily tell which way is face up when you place the tiles down. The final piece which caught my eye was a white thick cotton bag for the pieces to go in, I do love to keep a game organised and any kind of storage bags are always welcome in my opinion. You can see below the content of the box –

The game play is very much like the Command & Conquer style games, where you have to find a fine balance between farming your supplies and building your army, and you may need to change your tactics quickly as things can change at a roll of a die. For any of you self proclaimed tactitians out there, this is a game for you. The mechanics of the game work wonderfuly ensuring that not one player can boost ahead and dominate early on leaving other players just going through the motions, you can go from winning to loosing in a matter of a couple dice rols!

The player pieces are wonderfuly designed so that you have small slots around the card pieces as to attach your life, spirit and any items you find along the way, this works very well as the board can sometimes get busy and you need to see which player has what at a glance. I have done a video below which explains all the pieces, what they do and how they look, so go check it out –

The game play itself is easy to learn and flows between turns very easily. I read the book through once and was ready to start playing, I did have to glance back at the rule book at times to double check parts, but that didnt take long as it is all placed very well in the book and easy to find what you’re looking for!

The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect 10 Prosperity Points, these can be earned by harvesting items, casting spells, killing other players and dominating the special tiles on the board! I have made a quick video on game play below, so you can have a look and see how the turns work and how easily the game flows. Also in this demo video, you can also see how much a few bad dice rolls will affect any plans you may have had in your tactics!

So please go and check Stratos out, this is a great game to sit round a table with friends and battle it out for an hour to see who becomes champion of the lands! I can gaurantee once the game is over, someone will be shouting out “lets play that again”

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