Here is “Switch – Or Die Trying” for steam! This game is most definitely in the puzzle genre so if you enjoy the challenge of defeating that level that seems impossible at first glance, then this is the game for you! You play the part of a lower case “i” who can transform in to an upper case “I”, sounds the worst super in the world right? WRONG! this super power enables you to boost an extra jump by switching from i to I. Add that to the ability to climb walls by jumping & switching at a rythmical rate, then you my friend are on to a winner (or huge frustration when you forget which button you are meant to hit next)

The game design itself is beautiful, very simple animations on a 2D platform, but the curves and colours keeps those eyes attracted to it long enough to say “just one more go” on each level!

I have not done a video review for this game for the simple fact that my controller would not work with the game (before you tech heads start, yes I unplugged it and plugged it back in again and the controller works on other games, so possibly a bug that could be fixed easily!) The keyboard controls are a little difficult to wrap your head round to begin with, but like any game after 5 minutes of playing you soon get to grips with it. You will be hitting the Shift and Spacebar in quick succession, so get your pinky and thumb ready!

Each level offers 3 stars upon completion, 1 star for finishing in the allocated time, another star for not dieing and 1 star for finishing it at all! So having the 3 star rating really puts the competition against yourself in to the game, as there is nothing more annoying than looking back and seeing a level with only 1 or 2 stars complete when you know you have it deep down inside of you to get that 3rd star!

For £5.59 (its on sale at the moment of writing this, usually goes for £6.99) it is a great little buy with pleny of levels to test your witts and patience, you will be coming back to this game time and time again without doubt!

Check it out on their steam page to watch the game play and purchase yourself a copy!

Watch below a gameplay with a commentary from the developer!

A little bit about the developers :

Based in New Delhi, India, Threye Interactive is an award winning interactive tech development company with one goal – immersion. It aims to provide its users compelling experiences powered by the latest strides in technology – a rare amalgam of art and science. Threye has been carrying out cutting edge research in the field of AR/VR/computer vision and machine learning via its engagements with the technologically demanding aerospace and defence sector. And while it gets better and better with the tech part, it harnesses that power to create beautiful experiences for its users – those that can move the senses, appeal to the heart, and bring out emotions, predominantly via the medium of games. The latest of which, is Switch – Or Die Trying. For more information, visit:


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