Brought to you by the guys at Camel 101 & Bigmoon Entertainment, we have Syndrome, a game that has really taken you back to the roots of a horror game!

Click on the pictures below to be taken to their steam page.


You wake up on your ship to find that everyone but you is dead, or so it seems. The more you explore and complete each little mission, another element of the mystery reveals itself.

Syndrome has a real “Alien” feel about it but without the aliens, the sound guys are one of the real heroes in this game, every step, rattle and light flicker is heard and is in such perfect harmony with the amazing graphics that you really do get the feeling of being alone on this ship. As I have only played the pre-release review version and I am pretty sure there are no updates to be done before release, then I have to say this is a higly polished complete game. These types of games are very hard to find now-a-days especially ones done this well.

In the video below I played the first 15 minutes of the game just to give you a feel of it without any spoilers, after I finished this video I continued to play another hour and my god does it get good! You soon discover what else is on this ship of yours and given very few weapons and ammunition you have to make the educated choice of run, hide or fight.


This is full of jump scares and audio visual pleasentries that keep you on your toes, and your heart in your mouth. If you love games such as dead space & alien isolation then this is definitely a game for you. Use your wits and resources wisely and one false step could be the end for you.



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