Well with MCM Comic Convention and the Photography Show being held on the same weekend and adjacent halls at the NEC was great for us photographers who usually photograph and film the cosplayers at every convention as we got the best of both worlds, two conventions in one visit! How ever the point that came to light a lot this weekend is “regular” photographers don’t know sh*t about being courteous or polite when taking photos in a public place! So lets just got through a few of the general rules of photographing cosplay at conventions, this has been done before so many times, but the more we say it, hopefully the more it will get the message across!

Photograph above is Kyokyo Cosplay and sign held by Helen Alice Cosplay – Both girls had enough of photographers stealing shots without asking

If you want to photograph a cosplayer, the first thing to do is approach the person and politely say “Would it be OK to grab a quick photo?” 99/100 times the answer will be “Yes of course”. This then enables the cosplayer to be looking at you during the photos and she/he can pose to make sure they look their best in the photo.

The next step would be to give the cosplayer some form of contact info so they know where their photo can be found afterwards, as most cosplayers like to see the photos of their hard work and share it around to friends and followers, if the cosplayer has your details then they are most likely to tag you in so people can find more of your work!

DO NOT try to photograph cosplayers from unflattering angles when they are not looking (we saw so many sneaky booty shots going on) this will only enrage people when they catch you and most likely cause a scene! Also don’t photograph them while they are sitting eating or chatting with friends, no one likes a photo mid conversation whilst your mouth is half open and you look like a blow up doll!

The last point, and for me the most important, if a photographer is shooting with a cosplayer, do not run up behind them and grab a photo. This puts off the cosplayer who is posing and it also annoys the hell out of the photographer (me) who spent time and effort posing the cosplayer and making sure everything is perfect, just for someone else to run along and steal the shot. For one instance I was photographing 2 cosplayers and when i went to move position, I couldnt, because I was surround by 8, yes 8, other photographers all snapping away and I got caught in the herd and unable to move! These guys all took shots and then dissapeared so no one knows where to find the photos afterwards or even what they are being used for!

So to sum it up, be polite, courteous of others feelings and most importantly act like a human. We are all there to enjoy ourselves, so if you stick by these very simple rules everyone will get the most out of the weekend they can and all go home happy!


Taking photos at conventions

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