I was recently in my local comic book shop (Atomic Comics & Games) and I saw Tavern Tales sat on their ever full shelves, with quirky art work and a play time of 30-60 minutes advertised on the box, this seemed like a game that needed to be picked up. Taverns Tales can be played by up to 2-4 players age from 12+.

The game itself is designed by a Polish team called Tailor Games, now where they excel in game play and mechanics, they could do with maybe going in to a little bit more detail in explanation of their rules, this being said, we managed to get our heads round them after a couple of play throughs and found ourselves really enjoying this deck building style game. Tailor Games have got all aspects of Taverns Tales right, from the set-up of the game through to the mechanics of the mid game, and then made a very interesting system of scoring the game to determine a winner. Unless you’re rainman you will struggle working out who is winning up until you do the final score count at the end of the 9 rounds.

Now as I said the rules suplied in the rule book are all there, they are a little difficult to grasp, so I have put together a few videos which will hopefuly shed a little more light on to some of the slightly confusing areas. I would highly recommend getting yourself a copy of this game as once it is in full flow, the game itself is full of tactics and thinking of ways to get ahead in quest collecting or performing actions which will slow down your oponent in the upcoming turn! So, go out get the game, have a play and most of all………… have fun!

Here we will have a closer look at the cards and what everything means on them

Here we will see what actions can be performed each turn and how the look as they are played

Here we see how the game looks all set up and how the turns are taken

Finally we will look at how the scoring system works

Be sure to check out Tailor Games website here, they do other great titles as well as Taverns Tales!

Taverns Tales

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