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Here we have the latest game by the lovely people over at Xaviant , if you like the hunger games and battle royal, then this allows you to live it!

Set in an arena with 15 other contestants, you are released from a box with nothing but your wits. You have ot gather rocks and sticks to craft weapons or rummage through lockers at abandoned buildings to find ready made weapons. It is the last man standing wins, no rules, no levelling up, just straight forward brutality to your fellow man!

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If you don’t fancy going this alone, you can always join a team game, this puts you in teams of 2, if you don’t join the game with a friend it will asign you someone, you can find each other using the compass in game! This changes the game dynamics completely now, you are no longer alone out there, someone has your back while you are crafting and putting on bandages! It’s obviously much better to have your team mate on some sort of teamspeak channel (which the game does not offer, so I recommend bringing someone in to the game rather than joining on your own and getting assigned a team mate)

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We have been playing The Culling since the release day, and we can happily play 3 or 4 games in a row before needing a break and fresh air to relieve all the “killing people” stress. Each game lasts around 20 minutes, but if you die early on, then you can leave the game or you have the choice to spectate the other players as they play, this is recommended for new players as you can see the trickes the pro’s get up to to win the game!

I would highly recommend going through the training videos in game, these tell you how to craft weapons and most importantly how and when to block and push, it’s not all stabby stabby, you have to have your timing right! Plus, getting as much practise with a bow can only end well for you, moving targets are not as easy in the game as they are in practise!

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So grab a friend, download the game, set your volume to high and try to survive!

Watch the gameplay here

I am giving this a solid 9 out of 10, the game itself is very playable and looks amazing. The only thing I could suggest to improve upon is maybe a levelling system, so noobs arent chucked in with seasoned pros who already know what they are doing! Apart from that great job you wonderful people over at Xaviant! Go check them out here and buy the game!


Currently on sale on Steam for £10.99 for one game or £17.99 for 2 (one for a friend, save yourself £4)

The Culling

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