Here we have The Nest available on Steam for the HTC Vive. This game is exactly what I wanted when buying the Vive, it has gorgeous graphics, addictive gameplay and great designs, it doesnt stop there though! This game is basically on an alpha release, it is more than playable as it is, but the team are working on lots of new things already. The one I am most excited about is the multiplayer 1v1 aspect, this will pit two VR players against each other, trying to snipe each other as well as killing all the other teams ‘minion’ robots.

The gameplay itself is rather simple at the moment as it is only practise and time trial options available. This is not a bad thing though as we have been playing the time trials and setting highscores to try to beat, but as soon as the campaign and 1v1 come out I am sure this will be one of THE games to own on the Vive!

I also have to say how it is nice to see a game with some originailty here, as most of the vive games seem to revolve around killing zombies that come at you from 360 degree. This concept of sniping just adds to the immersion factor, as you really do feel like you are stood up in a snipers nest, at one point I even tried to rest my gun on the wall while ducking down from bullets, you forget quite easily that there isnt a wall there!

If you want to get just one shooting game for the vive at the moment, I would recommend nothing else apart from this and Space Pirate Trainer! They are the best out there at the moment, and The Nest is only looking to get better as time goes on!

Get The Nest on steam now from here –

the nest

The Nest VR

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