The Refuge was very quickly funded on kickstarter recently, and lucky old me, I’ve just received mine through the post! The game itself is a mixture of deck building and a race to the finish line, all while trying to outsmart zombies and the other survivors, there is only room for one person at the finish line!

I do have to start this whole review with the thing that got me instantly interested in this game, and thats the artwork, i mean WOW! Throughout the box contents you are just confronted with the most amazing and eye pleasing art I’ve seen in a long time! Take a moment and enjoy it!

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I picked the rules up in a matter of minutes, and after a quick play through the tactical side started to shine through too, the main tip I will give anyone is, try to build a good deck, but dont get left behind doing it! (That tip will totally make sense once you have played a game)

The models themselves that come supplied in the box are very well made (the zombies could do with being made with the same material as the survivors as they do tend to wobble over occasionaly on the board though). The board itself has some great artwork and is a good solid build and folds down very nicely to fit back compactly inside the box.

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My only slight gripe is the rule book, I feel as though there could be a few more details given to certain things, but after I spoke to the very helpful guys at The Refuge facebook page, it was all cleared up and I think I have explained the rules more than clearly enough in the video below!

So go out and grab yourself a copy of The Refuge, get some friends round and prepare to be shouting and swearing at each other by the end of the night! Remember, life isn’t fair, especially when surviving a zombi apocalypse!

The Refuge

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