Titan Race is a great fast paced tabletop game for up to 6 players. The aim of the game is to complete 3 laps of the course and beat the crap out of the other players as you go using special abilities, power up cards and traps!

This game takes about 10 minutes to learn the ropes, and then everything comes very easy so I wont bother going through the rules here.

The things I do love about this game is the option to change between either 6 different course (3 double sided tabletop boards) or you can link the together and play one long race track. Each track has different rules, so make sure you read what happens when you land on the certain “bonus” squares. Also the dice are a great little idea, they are normal D6 ones, but instead of numbers each side has a different move the titan can do! Player one will roll all 6 dice at once, then each player takes it in turn to pick up and use the move on explained on that die, once it gets to the last player and 2 dice remaining, he/she rolls all 6 dice again and the next round continues! That is the basic idea of gameplay, and added with the use of each titans special ability and the bonus cards you pick up along the way, the game is constantly changing and evolving until the first person crosses the finish line!


The plastic miniatures are very detailed and extremely solidly built & there is no glueing or painting required, you can play it straight from the box.

We have spent many nights as a group playing this game and it never gets old and it has been the subject of many heated discussions along the line of “why do you keep bullying me” and “Hit in to me one more time and i’m going home”, you know, the usual tabletop competitiveness comes out in the best of us.

So if you want a quick to learn and fast to play (game time of anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes) this is the game to get hold of, and for the great price of £14.50


You can buy the game here through Boardgamegeek!

Titan Race

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