Wartile was an instant attraction to me from the first time I saw  it, being a PC gamer and an avid fan of tabletop games too, this just rolled all of my loves in to one big happy bundle!

Wartile is a strategic single/milti player board game for the PC set in a medieval world, with beautifuly constructed diorama themed battle boards. You can engage the enemy in hand to hand or ranged combat with a a variety of different classes of Viking heroes to choose from, each hero has its own special attributes and abilities that counter each other, making the need for a solid strategy to defeat the enemy.

The game flows extremely well with fast movement of players upon giving them instructions and easily navigated boards, this makes it feel more like a live action video game rather than a tabletop game with the ability to take your time and plan each move before putting it in to action.

Wartiles mechanics are very much pointing in the direction of tabletop gaming, with the ability to increase player stats as you level up with the use of stat tokens, ability cards which can be played at any point to aid you in the mission and even the unlocking of new characters with new abilities which will bring a whole new aspect of tactical arangements to the game as you progress through the levels.

The levels themselves are simply stunning, you can play through Norwegian mountains, murky swamps, English coast lines, dark dungeons & sweeping grasslands. All of these settings offer you a complete 360 view which you can zoom in and out and fly around to work out your best route to lead your warriors in to battle.

Check out the Wartile trailer below

You can buy it on steam now, fillow this link! – http://store.steampowered.com/app/404200/


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