To celebrate the new year and new website here, why not start off with something as epic as a world domination of goats comic! I can imagine that is something you will not hear every day, and I fully understand why, but when Tom Spellman came up with this idea (I can only imagine that the movie “Black Sheep” had a subconscious push towards it) he was on to an instant crazy and gruesome one!


The comic run is now on to issue #3 and both previous issues as well as this one were funded by Kickstarter! It goes to show there are enough people out there who can’t get enough of this goat masacre of the human race, and I am now one of them! The artwork by Rafael Chrestani is superb and puts you in the right mood for the story unfolding infront of your eyes!

If you want something fun, gruesome and highly entertaining then I suggest you grab yourself a copy of this comic over at COMIXOLOGY

Enjoy the Goatpocalypse (it could happen, you don’t know!)

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on all updates from their facebook page – and also twitter –

Year of the Goat

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