Z War One is a tabletop survival game where you work as a team to survive each mission! For anyone new to tabletop survival games, this is a good one to start with as you can play straight from the box without any assembly required to play (miniatures aren’t supplied painted). There are only around 20 zombies supplied in the first season, there is a reason for this which is fantastic, and I will get on to that shortly! If you are a seasoned pro at these type of games then you will have no trouble at all getting started, the rules are easy to follow and you could be up and playng along smoothly withthin 20 minutes of being sat along side the rule book, unlike other games where you find you have to have the rule book sat with you for a few games before you understand everything!

Now lets get in to why this game is so “bloody” good! (get what I did there, bloody, zombie, i’m a word smith I tell thee)

WEAPONS!! There are enough different weapons to choose from, each one has it’s own stats, so when it comes to dice rolling it really does depend with weapon you have activated! You can shoot from your hip (for one AP – (action point)) or do an aimed shot (for 2AP), the aimed shot increases your dice roll to give you much more of a chance for a succesful hit, but at the cost of double the AP, the choice and style of game you want to play is up to you.

ATTACKS!! The bitten rules in this game is very well thought of, if a zombie grabs you, it doesnt mean you get bitten, you have to roll a die to find the outcome of that, and if you do get bitten the bite can get worse as the game goes on! This is a great rule and very easy to play (you’ll have to wait to get your hands on the actual game to see how that works)z_war_one_action

LIMITED AMMO!! Thats right, you have limited ammo, depending on which gun your character starts with, you will only be sent out with a certain ammount of ammo for the mission! I love this fact! It means unlike other zombie games where you just go out and shoot everything for the sake of it, you don’t have to in this game, this is about survival people, not killing anything that moves!

You use your shots wisely and to get out of trouble, there is no leveling up for zombie kills! This did annoy me slightly when I first played the game, but after a short while you realise why they have done this, the whole reason of this game is to complete the mission at hand, the zombies are a hindrance not an objective! You do how ever LEVEL UP by completing missions and scavanging along the way for loot which is worth XP, at the end of each mission you may cash in your earned XP and buy perks which will level up your character for the next mission!

Thats correct, you heard me right! You continue each mission with your character from the previous mission, another genius factor of the game! So you can get your team together and meet up once a week, or whenever you can schedule it in) and play the missions through. By the end of mission 6 you should have some serious bad ass’s on your hands!

The first season comes with the rule book and also a comic included, this comic is not an extra bonus, it is in fact the story behind the game! You should definitely spend a few minutes reading the first part of the comic which introduces the characters and then brings up your first mission for them to play out!

The part that I found most GENIUS of the game was the Zombie respawning, as I mentioned before you don’t receive a great big box of hundreds of zombies, the reason for this is simple, no one wants a board full of zombies spread out across the board that you have to move each turn and cause no direct affect to the gameplay, it wastes game time and becomes frustrating (Zombicide, im looking at you right now) Z War One on the other hand, uses the rules that if the zombies run out, you remove the furthest zombies from the heroes, and you respawn them closer to the action, it makes for a much faster game and there is not so much to pack away at the end!

One other factor they have added is DIRECTOR MODE! This is pure brilliance! It not only makes the game 5 player, but it also lets one of you evil b*stards take control of the zombies and try to control the outcome of the game by using the director cards, which can really screw people over! Director mode is not part of the story line, but a stand alone game you can play with friends without having to know the back story or worry about gaining XP! This also means that you can play the director modes over and over again with different outcomes all the time, maybe even make up your own maps and objectives if you’re feeling creative??

I will be releasing videos of gameplay and certain rules as the time goes by, but until then, check out the Kickstarter campaign for this game and go and back it! You WILL NOT be dissapointed, I have played this game at every opportunity I have had since I received my review copy, this is now the BEST tabletop game I have in my collection! Great job guys over at Dice Sports

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Z War One

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